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World 3-D Film Expo II - SabuCat Productions will try to top their highly successful "World 3-D Film Expo" of 2003 with "World 3-D Film Expo II", this coming September 8 through September 17, 2006, at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The 10 day festival will not only be highlighting the sold out shows of 2003 (such as "House of Wax", Creature From the Black Lagoon", "Robot Monster", "The Glass Web" and "Dial M For Murder"), but will also be showing EIGHT new "Golden Era" titles, most of which have been seen in over 50 years in 3-D. In fact, two of the titles have never been shown in 3-D even in the 1950's! The Expo will be having the World 3-D premieres of "Diamond Wizard" (1954) and "Jivaro" (1954). Most of the other six new titles, "Sangaree", "Those Redheads From Seattle", "Taza, Son of Cochise", "Devil's Canyon", "Wings of the Hawk", and "Cease Fire" have not been seen in 3-D since their original release dates.

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